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Connect Charlie was featured on Startup Buzz! Read the full story. We could never have enough chargers, could we? With the latest increase of innovative gadgets in our day-to –day life; the need to charge them is also increasing. Sometimes one charger isn’t enough. no, more worries all thanks to Connect CHARLIE. It is the ultimate compact sized 12-in-1 adapter that safely charges all your electronics with 3 plugs and 9 USB ports. CHARLIE also features an LED nightlight and is small enough to fit into the palm on your hand.

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Connect Charlie was featured on PRWeb! Read the full story. An entrepreneur who will not give up, Adam successfully contacted the producers of Shark Tank and will be presenting Connect CHARLIE on May 19th! Between now and then, Adam’s goal is to focus on the Connect CHARLIE Kickstarter campaign and continue earning public interest to catch the attention of one of the sharks.

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