Adam Badawy is a serial Entrepreneur. Real Life Experience taught him nothing replaces hard work and determination to succeed. Despite the odds, or timing, or economic excuses - it's always about opportunity and leaving no stone unturned. 
Challenges energize him and creating CONNECT CHARLIE  was a whole new ballgame for Adam. It was his first product he created from concept to design to consumer's hands. This sense of total and utter ownership has him obsessed and crazed. And that's a good thing!
After having gone through the challenges of prototypes and design engineering, Adam is now mentoring other inventors how to "break in" and just get going. From patents to factory inspections - it is a truly exciting process. 
If you are considering any type of entrepreneurial adventure and need a push - Adam loves to coach and help others attain their dreams. It's a delicious moment in life when you can taste success after cooking and slaving away for years. 
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1. There are never enough outlets for all our electronic devices. 
2. It is impractical to carry every charger for each device everywhere. 
3. The risk of plugging directly into unprotected outlets is too high and costly. 


1. The challenge was on to create the smallest possible charger plug unit that serves 12 devices while protecting electronics from dangerous surges. 
2. Replace 9 chargers with only 9 USB Cords for a smarter way to be organized and stay connected. 


Adam Badawy was always on the road for business. Hotels and airports never had enough electrical outlets to charge all their devices (cell phones, tablets, lap tops, etc.). They always ended up moving heavy furniture around the hotel room to unplug the coffeemaker or TV, just to locate enough outlets to charge all of their devices. Somewhere in California between San Francisco and San Diego, CONNECT CHARLIE was inspired (as they say "necessity is the mother of invention") This modern and compact pyramid design offers 3 standard plugs and 9 USB ports, surpassing the convenience and functionality of all other plugs and chargers on the market today!  Revolutionary, yet simple! CONNECT CHARLIE keeps you connected!